We contacted Vijay Indian Travels and together prepared a 2-week trip through India. It was a mix of destinations that were important to us and he suggested additional places to stop and visit. He and his team organized and prepared for us an amazing tour and experience. Visiting Rajasthan, the golden Triangle and Varanasi. We had local tour guides that showed us the highlights and we had amazing drivers that drove us safely and with patience through the wild traffic. We spent a few days with Mahindra, he stopped on request to unusual places, like a small village off the traditional main road or enabled a spontaneous on-site visit at a brick burning place. He was very knowledgeable and openly responded to curious and personal questions of the cultural difference to Westerners. He showed us the Indian culture and we learned from him that we too share the same values. Times India Travels is a small but trusted organization that will actively follow-up with you and do their outmost to offer you an amazing experience.

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