Namaste: How An India Tour Changed This Australian’s Life

Namaste: How An India Tour Changed This Australian’s Life

Travel Places in India Aug 21, 2019
Travel To India

When you hear about visiting India, the only thing that comes first in your mind is “Taj Mahal”. But to be frank, India is not only about “Taj Mahal” but a lot more. India is a photographer’s hub. You might be thinking about how I am so sure about it. Even I was like you and thought the same thing until I had an India Tour. So to make you believe, let me tell you my story of Travel To India.


Welcome To India!!

I landed in India i.e. at Delhi International Airport and the driver of Times India Travels came to pick me up. When I came out of the airport, the first thing that caught my attention was the hustle and bustle life of Indian people. The most important thing I noticed until I reached my hotel was the cows leisurely walks on the roads along with people and rests in between the roads. When I asked about it to the driver of the travel agents in India, he instantly replied that Indians consider cows as sacred so they do not shoo them off instead they worship them.


First Day In India…

When I reached the hotel, I was told that the tour will begin the next day so I took my camera and headed towards Delhi to explore it by myself. I could not control my excitement as it was the very first time I visited India. The first thing I did was to take a water bottle. When I reached a shop I said “Hi! Can I get a water bottle?” The shopkeeper smiled and said- “Namaste!” and handed me a water bottle. I was curious to know what the word “Namaste” means and why is he saying it with a big smile on his face.

With Curiosity, I asked him, “What is the meaning of Namaste?” The shopkeeper could not understand much so a man standing nearby smiled and said, “It is the way we Indians greet each other.” He added, “We say it by folding both the hands and by bringing the palms together.” He taught me how to do it and I was overwhelmed to know about it. It was the first word in Hindi that I learned.


Colorful Streets And Smiling Faces

The most attractive thing was the smiling faces of the people and colorful streets. The people in India greet each other with a smile on their face in every situation. This made me attract towards the people and my curiosity to explore India grew more. The colorful streets made India more attractive and unique from other countries. I could not control myself but click pictures of every moment which I saw and experienced.


Food Means Spice And Sweet

The food of India is just opposite from other countries. Indians love spicy food and at last the sweet dish is a must. Here you will see that love is an ingredient in making the food. The food is incomplete without the love they put in it. That love gives flavor and taste to the food by which people enjoy eating the food. When I visited a restaurant, I was asked to order the food. As I wanted to try something Indian I asked them to bring something they want me to eat and is famous.

After a few minutes, the waiter brought the big size chapati like thing and a vegetable. I asked the waiter for the name of the dish. He said “Chole Bhature”. The food looked delicious so without wasting time I took my first bite. I cannot express my feelings about how the dish was. It was just delicious. I craved for eating more and more. But after finishing it instead of ordering the same dish I told the waiter to bring something different but light. He brought me something called “Aloo Chaat”. It was spicy but delicious. When I was about to stand, the owner of the restaurant asked to have a sweet dish. I with curiosity waited. Then the waiter came up with “Gajar ka Halwa”. It is a sweet dish which is made of carrots. It was so delicious that I asked them to pack some.

The day came to an end and I returned to the hotel with a lot of pictures and memories within just a single day.

I slept thinking about the day and the days that are going to come during my visit to India.


The Tour Begins…

As I only took North India Tour Packages which now I think was my biggest mistake as I wanted to travel to each state of India but I also had a shortage of time. Still, I was happy about thinking that I am in India.

The next day, I met Vijay Yadav who was my guide and I can surely say that he is the best India Travel Guide as well as a very nice person. Within no time, he became my best friend from INDIA whom I can never forget and trust blindly. Soon our tour began and we started visiting the famous destination and Vijay also helped me take perfect pictures of not only the famous places but also every little thing that makes India an “Incredible India”.

In Rajasthan, the folk dance, camels, culture, languages, and most importantly the people attracted me. I was overwhelmed by their nature and the way they treat everyone. In India, the only thing that makes it united is the “LOVE” they have in their hearts for everyone.



The Indian culture holds on various cultures but the most it holds is its own culture. For instance, in Delhi, you can see western culture as well as Indian culture. But being having western culture, the roots of Indian culture never fades away. You can see people wearing sarees, suits, dresses, shorts, and a lot more in one state or even one region.


The Tour Comes To An End….

I visited many places which left me stunned and at the same time mesmerized. And the worst part came i.e. the end of the tour. It was heartbreaking but I am happy that I am taking a lot of memories with me. Most importantly, I am taking my changed mind with me by which I can proudly say that India is not only about “Taj Mahal” but a lot more.

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