10 Interesting Things To Do In India That Cannot Be Missed

10 Interesting Things To Do In India That Cannot Be Missed

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People usually think that what will we do if we visit India. This is obvious because the perception has been set about visiting the Taj Mahal, Rajasthan, Delhi, and South. But India is a lot more than this. 


So, to clear your perception, I have come up with this blog where you will get to know what can be done in India- adventurous as well as unique. 


So, before traveling add these places to your bucket list.


Ride the Unbridled Water of The Ganges by Rafting in Rishikesh


River Rafting is considered the most popular water adventure activity in India and to experience this, the best place in Rishikesh. Also known as White Water Rafting, this is among those water sports that are loved by many people, due to which it is listed at the top of the list.


You can also enjoy bungee jumping, cliff jumping, camping, kayaking, rappelling, flying fox, swing, and mountain biking. These adventurous activities can be best experienced in Rishikesh. So, come out of the comfort zone and experience these unique and amazing activities before it’s too late. 


Experience the Unique Frozen Late in Chadar Trek


This might have sent you chills in your spine!! Why not because thinking of it only makes us wonder how it can happen!!


Wake up!! Because in India, there is a place where you can experience this and the place is Chadar Trek. You can enjoy and experience this once in a lifetime just by visiting the Zanskar region of Ladakh. This beguiling trek takes adventurists from the villages of Zanskar valley to far in the mountains. India Travel Company


Spend an Amazing and Chill Night Amidst the Desert of Rajasthan While Camping


The travelers who are crazy about the offbeat destinations, must not miss the camping in the desert of Rajasthan. The travel lovers will never miss such chances where you can experience the stretch of sand, tent life, and gleaming stars. India Travel Company


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So, don’t forget to add this to your travel bucket list.


A Bike Trip from Manali to Leh Ladakh


Bike Lover? Travel Lover? Then this is a perfect combination for a bike trip from Manali to Leh Ladakh. The road is like a  


One of the best routes to bike ride in the world, Manali-Leh road is like a silver streak amidst the scenic landscape, snow-clad mountains, and composed ambiance, and here, a bike trip is surely a worth-cherishing experience for any hardcore bike rider. Starting from Manali, the route to this enthralling expedition cuts through rugged and challenging terrains. But, the thing that makes this a must-do activity is the mesmerizing beauty of the place which you get to adore after conquering the challenging routes of this trip. 


Experience the New World with Scuba Diving in Andaman


Want to experience the thrill of diving!! Then, the only place that comes to mind is Andaman. Undoubtedly, you must give it a try. 


Here you will just feel as if you are dreaming because of the irresistible sights of amazing corals, gorgeous fishes, and the extremely calm underwater setting. And the most ideal place amongst all the places in Andaman is Havelock Island which will give you the experience to savor the best scuba diving experience in India. 


Don’t Take the Risk to Miss the Spectacular Roopkund Trek


For a great adventurous trip, one must not miss the dense forest, dreamy campsites, long stretches of meadows, and unparalleled sight of an alpine lake. You can experience this on the Roopkund Trek.  


Starting from Lohajung and going through Didna, Patar Nachauni, Bedni Bugyal, the trail to Roopkund is perhaps one of the most stunning in India. But for trekking, you require a good level of physical fitness. 


Soar High in the Solang Valley through Paragliding


An adventurous experience can be relished only in the stunning Solang Valley through paragliding. Fly high like a bird going through the mountains, valleys, and forests.


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Paragliding gives you a few moments to live a life of a bird and this is among the greatest activities to do in India.


A Dirt Ride Experience with Quad Bike in Goa


When anyone hears about a trip to Goa, then there is no from them. This is because of the beaches and parties. Apart from this, the beautiful destination is famous for quad bike and it is among the most popular activities in this state. 


The quad bike takes you amidst the wilderness of forests and also to the trickiest terrains (including water, mud, and woods). This makes the life of the thrill lovers more fascinating.  


Be a Part of Sunburn in Pune


The thing that you must add to your wishlist is the Sunburn Festival of Pune. the EDM Festival- Sunburn was earlier held in Goa but after 2016 it was shifted to Pune. 


Under the sky and amid a joyous crowd, heart-rending electronic music is the keynote speaker at every sunburn festival.


A Thrilling Trip to Bhangarh


Some people love to visit haunted places. And the place that is most popular for supernatural stories in India is Bhangarh. 


Bhangarh Fort is situated on the border of Sariska Tiger Reserve and is among the scariest places in India. So, if you are willing to visit this place, then this will turn out as the most daring yet fun experience of your life. You can only visit this fort during day time because various supernatural activities have been witnessed after sunset.


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If you think that only 10 places are there to visit in India for adventure. Then you are wrong. Because there are many different places that have not been mentioned yet. You can connect with Times India Travels – India Travel Company which can help you in setting up a perfect itinerary for your travel.


If you want to know more about such places then wait till the next blog.

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