Hacks To Make Your India Trip A Memorable Experience

Hacks To Make Your India Trip A Memorable Experience

Uncategorized Oct 18, 2019
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An India trip is on the bucket list of almost all the people that I know, especially women. Who wouldn’t want to experience the rich culture, diversity, languages, festivals, and a lot more things in India. But the most that attracts people towards India Travel Tour Packages is that each place carries its own history and story. So I decided to visit India alone.


Don’t go there just to roam or click selfies. Which is why I bring you four travel hacks to gain more than just photographs out of your experience.


Walk without a destination in mind


To visit India, take a long vacation as you will not feel like going back and there is a lot of things to explore. The narrow roads, food, shopping, monuments cannot be discovered from a bus or a cab. So, to enjoy the destination just go aimlessly without thinking much as we have google map for routes.


We ended up having the best chats we had in our lifetime. So trade those heels for sneakers and enjoy the luxury of toiling away time just walking, something most of us can’t do back home.


Eat local


When it comes to food, no one can beat India and the variety it serves. The people here love to cook and loves to feed. However, eating local also means eating the produce from a country.


Every village, town or city in India has a local markets where you can get locally vegetables and fruits.Most importantly, “chats” which cannot be compared with any of the food. Why is that important? You won’t fully grasp the quality of life of Indians unless you eat and drink what they do.


Travel off the course


India is not only mesmerising, it helps you understand and appreciate that quietness is not everything but being in a crowd and talking to people is fun. This is why it is important to go off the course.


The people in India are loving and treats their guests as God. This was really heart touching and I loved their sweet gesture.


Experience the culture


There are a lot of places that will make you go “WoW”. When you visit India, keep in mind that there is a history and story of each state/ place. These stories are a part of the experience. So don’t just visit places, do so armed with information. Know the popular cultural practices of every region, and not just festivals like Holi, Diwali, and a lot more festivals.


Just like it does in our country, culture plays a big role in the way people behave, what they eat or drink, or how they live their lives across the globe. Only when you pay close attention to the culture will you understand why Indians are so fun loving and lively.


Travel, not just in India, is incomplete unless you experience the culture of a country make it about people and places and not destinations.

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