Five Things Canadians must know before traveling to India

Five Things Canadians must know before traveling to India

Uncategorized Aug 13, 2019
Canada to india Tourism

Canada to India Tourism: Traveling to India is the most fascinating thing- let that be the mesmerizing view of Taj Mahal during sunrise and sunset, adventurous tour to wildlife, thrilling experience of Himalayas or adapting the cultural Rajasthan everything seems to be like a dream. When you will see your dream becoming true then you will feel that India is a country that must be given a visit at least once in your life. This journey will become more memorable if guided by the best travel agency in India- Times India Travels.

It has been noticed and as per my experience, people who visit India for the very first time feel a bit uncomfortable. But as the days pass they become as friendly as we Indians are and start to adapt the Indian Culture within a short span of time. So keeping all these things in mind, I have listed things that Canadians must know before traveling to India so that they can come to India without any hesitation and a bit of learning. Then this journey will become a life-changing trip with the tips from Canada to India Tourism

1. Book the best Travel Guide

This is the foremost thing that must be done while traveling to India. A travel agency is very important to know India deeply. To experience each and every little thing of India, get in touch with Times India Travels- Traveler’s Choice for the past three consecutive years.

2. Learn to say ‘Namaste’

This is the most basic thing you must learn while you are visiting India. Saying ‘Namaste’ is the greetings and a smile comes to the face of the Indian people when someone from another country says something in Hindi especially ‘Namaste’. This is considered to be the sweetest gesture for Indians. So before flying to India learn to say ‘Namaste’ and if you didn’t then don’t worry because the people of India would love to teach you.

3. Pack your bags according to the package you selected and weather

It is advisable to pack your bags according to the package selected and the weather of the place. If you have chosen the Rajasthan Tour package and you are visiting during April- October then carries the summer clothes. If you are visiting during December- March, then carry the winter clothes. South weather is always the same- moderate. So carry the clothes as per your comfort level for the South tour.

4. Don’t limit yourself to one destination

Don’t think and go that you will only visit Rajasthan or Delhi or South. But try to cover all the packages because if once you will start exploring a place in India then you will be curious to know more. The weather, culture, food, and a lot more things are different state by state. So ask your travel guide to help you discover India deeply.

5. You are coming here to Enjoy, Enjoy, and just Enjoy!

When you are visiting India, pack your tensions and all the workload into a bag and lock the room. I am saying this because you are coming to India only to enjoy and you can truly enjoy if you lock your tensions and burdens into a room. Times India Travels will surely be your best friend to help you enjoy in India and will always be there for your help and future plans of visiting India.

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